EnlighTea Dragon Dance Master Tea is Black Dragon Pearls, ORGANIC

Dragon Dance represents the BEST of ALL worlds, all forms, all styles, and in martial arts represent the best of all animals and martial arts styles. It is the Dance of Life itself where we use the best moves to create something unique, special and powerful!! Now comes EnlighTea Dragon Dance Master Tea which is exactly that ... the VERY BEST of all premium loose leaf embodies and has the taste, soul, Spirit, and great qualities of the very best Organic Teas, White Teas, Green Teas, Oolong Teas and of course, it is a Black Tea!

Meet one of the most prized, exotic, high grade and desired premium loose leaf teas in our collection. EnlighTea Organic Black Dragon Pearls are a rare Spring-harvested black tea, grown and harvested in Fengqing Yunnan Province, China. This tea was hand-picked and expertly rolled from 30 premium quality leaves and fresh, succulent buds. The resulting large pearls unfurl to dramatic proportions while steeping, revealing aromatic earthy tones of caramelized sugar with undertones of chocolate. After this exquisitely smooth tea experience you will covet Dragon Dance Master Tea aka Black Dragon Pearls as the legendary gems they were inspired by.