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image RKR MusicMakerJAM

Tea Master James provides the best tasting tea you'll ever find and his personal touch makes your tea time a mind blowing delightful experience. Can't thank him enough. Come and get yourself some mighty tasty teas at So awesome - thank ... Read more

image S Sebring

EnlighTea's ordering and shipment processes, their excellent products and the special care from CEO James Pham and his team is a great experience. My last order was the bamboo Tea Tumbler and two new Enlightea teas I hadn't yet tried. Love the tumb ... Read more

image Veronica Sanford

I ordered two teapots online. They both arrived safely and promptly. I love them and use them both every day. Highly recommend! (Helps me drink more healthy tea!)

image Kim Haas

Amazing teas! Awesome customer service! James is passionate about the teas he offers! I've tried many different teas, EnlighTeas are the finest out there!

image Scott Friedman

I just tried the Relax Herbal Tea, and I can't relax because I'm excited it tasted so good! I drank it straight, as brewed, and it needed nothing. Delicious!

image JoyGrace Harmony

I nice cup of authentic, hot tea on a breezy Florida winter afternoon. This winter and holiday season December of 2020 we chose to celebrate outside due to Covid-19. Serving the hot tea was enJoyable and Fabulous as always. I first met James Pham in ... Read more

image Ciry DG

To me there is nothing more delicious than sipping on Early Grey Lattes prepared with splash of oat milk creamer. My favorite brand is EnlighTea Organic Grey Cream is Freedom - an invigorating combo of bergamot oil with hints of vanilla. Sooo good ... Read more

image Tammie Johnson

I got my order yesterday, β€οΈπŸ’―β€οΈ I received my order in a very timely manor, drinking it now, absolutely the best! The taste and quality are top notch, Any tea lover would be in pure awe! You are making a difference James!!! Thank you so muchπŸ₯° 🍡 β˜•οΈ ... Read more



image Robert Bonner

Are you looking to learn more about Tea??? Yes indeed??? EnlighTea is so delicious and super unique... I had a deadline last night and LapSang got me through it. I love the smoky aroma!!! Cleared my brain and was super effective and calming. Tha ... Read more