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EnlighTea VIP Tea of the Month Club



EnlighTea’s Best Premium Loose Leaf Teas Delivered to Your Door Every Month

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The Details

Each month our EnlighTea Tea of the month club members receive a package of unique teas curated by the EnlighTea’s Tea Experts. The offerings are always varied from month to month, samples may include aged raw and ripe Puer teas, black teas, pearl teas, oolongs etc.  These teas from come from our very own private stash, our curated collections, our travels, or previews of teas we are considering for our collection and from the very best selections we offer!

Your tea packages will be shipped from our Fulfillment Center on the first of each month. Arrival times will depend on location, but should typically arrive within 10 days. Packages will vary from month to month, sometimes with lower weight and higher quality tea, sometime with heavier weight and more variety.

An example package might include three 1oz samples of high-end teas, or it might be Premium Loose Leaf Teas in 4oz Tins. Or it might be a combination of both or more! Our goal will be to keep the offerings fresh and interesting!

Subscriptions to our EnlighTea VIP Tea of the Month Club will be on a first come, first serve basis. The subscription is $29.99 and you are free to unsubscribe at anytime via the link at the bottom of the page. All payments will be applied to following months shipment. For example, a subscription sign up on May 12th will be for the June shipment. If you are seeking a previous months shipment, please contact us at and if we have the teas available, we will try our best to accommodate and send a separate invoice.

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